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Success Stories
On this page we list profiles of the animals the Tails of Istanbul team was able to help. We aim to inspire you and others to get involved and help create a better life for stray animals in Istanbul and Turkey!
Lassie 1


Lassie is a sweet girl that was rescued from Macka Park, a location overcrowded with stray cats. She…

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Fistik 2


Fistik was rescued from Macka Park, a location overcrowded with strays. He didn’t have to travel to…

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Jupiter 3


Jupiter is a little ray of sunshine that was rescued from a local animal shelter. This sweet ginger…

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Cello 4


Cello is a sweet cat that was rescued from a shelter in Istanbul. He got the once-in-a-lifetime oppo…

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Bambi 5


Bambi was found pregnant on the streets. She was taken into a foster home, and Bambi and her kittens…

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Melek 6


Like many of the cats we help, Melek is from a shelter in Istanbul. There, countless cats struggle f…

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Simba 7


Simba was found on the streets by tourists, cold, dirty, and covered in fleas. With some love and ca…

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Loki 8
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Loki was taken quickly out of the local animal shelter because she was gravely ill. Shelters can be…

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Blade 9


Blade was found by a volunteer lying sick in the street, nothing but skin and bones. The vet discove…

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Sidney 10


Sidney was discovered by one of our volunteers in Macka Park, a place in Istanbul that is home to ma…

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Silver 11


Silver is one of many cats at Yedikule Animal Shelter that have found loving homes with the help of…

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Simba 12


Simba was discovered living on the streets of Istanbul. Through the effort of volunteers, this lucky…

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Pix 13


Pix was one of the many cats abandoned or living in Macka Park. Parks are breeding grounds for illne…

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Pasa 14


Like many cats in Istanbul, little Pasa was dumped at a park and left to fend for himself. Without r…

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Aylin 15


Lovely Aylin was adopted to a kind-hearted woman in Denver, Colorado who also works hard to help ani…

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Ajax 16


Ajax was discovered in very poor condition on the streets of Istanbul. With time and love, Ajax was…

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Ivan & Olga 17

Ivan & Olga

This brother and sister duo were kittens at Yedikule Animal shelter when they were taken in by some…

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Missan 18


Life isn’t easy on the streets and Missan arrived at Yedikule Animal Shelter in poor condition. She…

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Macho 19


Macho is a charming and sweet cat that was taken out of Yedikule Animal Shelter. With the help of ou…

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Zeus 20


Zeus was taken into our care after he was found abandoned after his owner passed away. He underwent…

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Misty 21
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Lovely Misty may have been blind, but she never let it get her down. Her patience and optimism final…

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Milkyway 22


Thanks to the help of the Facebook group Streetcats Istanbul, lovely Milkyway found himself a new ho…

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Mango 23
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Mango was discovered on the street in poor condition by a kind-hearted volunteer that took him in to…

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Zebra 24


Zebra was taken out of the Yedikule Animal Shelter and received medical care at the vet for one week…

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Texas 25


Texas had a stroke of luck when there was a mixup at the shelter and he was taken out by mistake. We…

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Aladdin 26


Aladdin is from an animal shelter and we took him out thanks to the help of a rescue group on Facebo…

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Koshka 27


Koshka was taken out of Yedikule Animal Shelter by two volunteers in November 2018. She was placed i…

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Rockie 28


Rockie was discovered along with her newborn kittens, tucked into the rocks of the Bostanci coastlin…

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Timothy 29


Timothy, at 1.5 months, was found on the streets by a woman from Yadikule Animal Shelter. He had an…

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Mufasa 30
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Mufasa’s mom was rescued off the streets while pregnant. Mufasa had to wait and watch while his brot…

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Dot & Lexi 31

Dot & Lexi

We are over the moon that Dot and Lexi were adopted together and are on their way to a new life in t…

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Caroline & Logan 32
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Caroline & Logan

Caroline and Logan were discovered by a volunteer being dumped, motherless, off a busy street in Sul…

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Lotus 33


Lotus met his forever family, Lindsay and Josh, when they were travelling through Istanbul. After a…

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Boss 34


Hello, I’m Boss! I was discovered in an abandoned and dilapidated building along with my mom and sib…

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Fluffy 35


Fluffy is our silly and loving ginger male. He was left on the doorstep of Yedikule Animal Shelter b…

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Sammy 36


Sammy is our beautiful cross-eyed boy that we rescued from a local shelter. He moved from foster hom…

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Hazel 37
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Hazel is a brave girl with a strong spirit. She was paralyzed in her two back legs before even turni…

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Ruby 38
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Ruby was discovered along with her mom and littermates living in a dangerous and dilapidated abandon…

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Cotton & Candy 39

Cotton & Candy

Cotton and Candy were found alone on the streets at a young age. Isolated from people, they were sca…

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Cara 40
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Little Cara needs some TLC – tender loving care. She was rescued off the streets near the Grand Baza…

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Lolita 41


Lolita came into our care sick and emaciated. After she made a full recovery she began her journey t…

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Zorro 42
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After bouncing around from place to place, from vets office to temporary home, we’re happy to report…

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Topaz 43


Topaz spent the first few months of her young life living in a busy animal shelter. Shortly after un…

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