The Sultanahmet Gang

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Neighborhood: Üsküdar
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The Sultanahmet Gang 11

Age: Baby

Gender: Couple (Male & Female)

Size: Small

Spayed?: No


Current on Vaccines?: No

Disabled/Injured?: No

This playful pack of kittens was found by a volunteer being dumped out of a box off a busy street in Sultanahmet. They were scooped up box and all and placed in a foster home. Each one has a unique personality which may make them the perfect fit for your home.

Caroline is the leader of the pack. Bold and fearless, she is the first to lead the charge during playtime. Her goofy antics will always make you smile.

Lexi is a calico stunner. She swings between playful to shy and then back to playful. She tries to keep up with her sister Sage, but she is more sensitive and sweet.

Dot, or Emmy, is the sweetheart of the bunch. Her calm and affectionate personality make her a great addition to your family.

Little Logan is the only boy of the bunch. He loves to be by your side. In fact, the only thing he loves more than cuddles is food!

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