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Neighborhood: Beyoğlu
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Aybüke 5

Age: Young

Gender: Unknown

Size: Small

Color: Black

Spayed?: No

Microchipped?: No

Current on Vaccines?: No

House-trained?: No

Crate-trained?: No

Litterbox-trained?: No

Child Friendly?: Unsure

Disabled/Injured?: No

Aybuke is a cute young kitten that was born on the rooftop of one of the buildings in Beyoglu area nearby Taksim. I’ll consider she’s a female and I called her Aybüke, a Turkish name I like.

Hi, my name is Bash, one of the team members of Tails of Istanbul.

This beautiful kitten comes to my terrace often, she jumps from the adjacent building and walks on the dangerous edge to visit and I frequently put food/water.

She used to come with her mom or another very big cat but now she often comes alone. Apparently the other big cats can jump to other building or survive somehow but this kitten found it easy to come to my terrace and when I started putting food/water she started waiting on the terrace almost everyday.

She just need a loving safe place and a caring family!

It was often rainy, so I bought her a wooden little house. I put pads inside the house to make it warmer but it didn’t do the job. She wasn’t staying in the house when it was raining, she jumps to the next building and probably she was finding a shelter from the rain somehow over there.

Aybüke 4
The bite infection on the back of her head (now it started to heal)

In the last week or so, I noticed an infection on the back of her head in an area she can’t reach to clean or scratch. Her fur around the infection is disappearing, it’s getting worse every time I saw her.

I figured after some research that apparently the big cat was biting her as she was smaller. It was probably the cause if this infection.

I decided to go to the pharmacy to see if I can get an antibiotic. Luckily I got one. The pharmacist said it’s special for pets. It’s called “Azithromycin”.

It’s a powder that I mix with water then pour in her water. She drank it and yes I can see that the wound is healing (I hope).

cat-istanbul (6)
Here she is staring at me from a distance as I put some food.

As you can see she’s frightened by humans and she’d run if I get closer.

At the beginning of my interaction with her, she used to run away, jump on the edge and disappear in seconds only when I open the door. Now and after a couple of months of nice delicious food and water, she’s more comfortable seeing me around. She gets really close to me but if I look at her directly she’s frightened and if I do a quick move she runs. She opens her eyes wide to see if I’ll get close or not. If I do, she does some hissing some times. When I open the door of my terrace and get outside to put food, she gets closer and starts being so cute with mewing! Lovely cat!

Aybüke eating on my terrace – she comes back and forth everyday to see if there’s food. She waits or she mews until I bring the food! she’s so cute.

I’m leaving this house very soon and I’m so worried about her once I leave. Who’s going to feed her? who’s going to take care of her? will she survive? will she keep jumping on those dangerous edges? If I just catch her and put her on the street, she won’t make it, she’s not used to the street and apparently she’s had a bad experience interacting with humans as she’s afraid. In this area with I live, it’s not a very pet-friendly place.

I have no experience catching animals and no tools for that.

Will you help fostering this cat or even adopt her? She’s adorable and with some patience I believe she’ll fill your house or garden with love. If you’d like to help her, please click on the button below to fill an adoption application form, we will help you in all the ways possible.

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