Sometimes forever homes are abroad and we need flight volunteers to escort the animals.
✈ Step #1 When you accept to bring a cat or dog with you on your booked flight, we will help you with booking the cat or dog on the same flight. Whether the animal goes with you in cabin, or due to size has to travel in cargo, WE WILL COVER THE COST (for cats it’s usually 50 euro within EU and approx $100 for flights to US or Canada… Fees for dogs are higher) and we’ll provide the pet carrier.
📋 Step #2 The travel documents required will be arranged by us at no cost to you. Documents are: * Pet Passport * Veterinary health declaration – stating the pet is in good health to fly * Export certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture (Tarim).

😻  Step #3 We will arrange to meet you at the local airport with the pet before the flight to check-in. You are responsible for the pet during the flight and through the customs process. 

🌎 Step #4 At the final destination, a person will meet you at the airport to collect the animal and take him/her to a forever home.
❤️Step #5 Feel amazing knowing you have helped an animal in need!
If you will be visiting Istanbul and would like to help out, please either contact us or join our Facebook group, and let us know where and when you are interested in providing support. Thank you in advance for joining the Tails of Istanbul team!