About Tails of Istanbul

Tails of Istanbul has been created as a network to help stray animals in Istanbul, and to promote animal-welfare in Istanbul, Turkey and beyond!

The dog and cat populations have now grown to epic proportions and a ‘neuter and release’ scheme must be put into place, coupled with funding for sick animals who either have inherent problems or who’ve been hurt in accidents.

Tails of Istanbul is a team of volunteers who are actively involved in helping shelter and stray animals. We can’t cover all regions in Istanbul, hence we decided to create this network to be able to help more animals in our districts and to coordinate similar campaigns in other districts of this big city.

We’re also going to share with you important information about animal-care and pet owners experiences. We look forward to your support in spreading the word, volunteering and sponsoring homing campaign.

Therese Sundbrink, Founder of Tails of Istanbul